Some of the indie game Discord servers I've helped put together

🌱Cloud Gardens from Noio

Join the Cloud Gardens Discord Server!

🚗You Such at Parking from Happy Volcano (initial setup only - credit for how awesome it is now goes to Raccine who is a genuine wizard 🧙)

Join the You Suck at Parking Discord Server!

📜inkle (multi-game Discord)

Join the inkle Discord Server!

🐻The NAIRI Chapters from Home Bear Studio

Join the The NAIRI Chapters Discord Server!

🕳️Exo One from Exbleative

Join the EXO ONE Discord Server!

🐸 Omno by Studio Inkyfox

Join the OMNO/ StudioInkyfox Discord Server!

💚 Greenheart Games (multi-game Discord)

Join the Greenheart Games Discord Server!

Multi-game Discord servers from Studios & Publishers:

Here are some other great examples of multi-game Discord servers if you're still looking for inspiration and ideas 💡

🤖 Doborog (created using the Indie Game Discord Server Template 😊)

Join the Doborog Discord Server!